COVID-19 Assistance for Marshallese Communities

Marshallese Communities in the United States are being disproportionately affected by COVID-19. Nito's Wings is working closely with Marshallese Community leaders to find ways that we can help.

Marshallese Mindfullness Initiative

Marshallese seeking medical care in the US encounter many barriers including providers that are unfamiliar with their culture and how to best meet their medical needs, interpretation services that do not have Marshallese available, and differences in their access to insurance because of their status as COFA residents. These issues have been specifically highlighted during COVID-19. We are working together with community leaders and other non-profits on innovating solutions.

Majuro Hospital Pediatric Critical Care Unit

Using evidence-based guidelines for establishing pediatric critical care units in limited-resource settings, we are honored to be opening this unit in Nito's memory. Our highly trained team of volunteers will be bringing education and training to staff. In-kind donations of equipment have made this a reality, but much more is needed. Please inquire about opportunities. Originally scheduled for March, this project has been postponed due to COVID-19.

Nito’s Wings Documentary

Nito's family has a rich history of advocacy for their country. In one of Tony deBrum's last interviews he highlighted that Marshallese need to find innovative ways to keep the momentum of this advocacy moving forward. Together with Nito's family and an Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker we hope to fulfill this goal. We seek to mentor future Marshallese filmmakers in the production, please inquire about opportunities.

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