Sacramento Marshallese President Receives COVID-19 Vaccination
Ejimour Ej Adwoj Eddo!! Translation: Our health is our responsibility!!*HIPAA compliant consent obtained

COVID-19 information and assistance with access to vaccinations for Sacramento Marshallese.

Kwõjjab Make Iaam Campaign. 

Eloñ Jipañ Ikkijien COVID-19 Vaccinations. Our care coordinators will be available in the greater Sacramento area to assist with transportation, translation and access to information technology for assisting Marshallese with access to COVID-19 vaccinations and boosters.

Manit ~ Lale Dron Campaign

On September 4, 2021 Nito’s Wings began our Manit ~ Lale Dron Campaign within the Sacramento RiMajol Community. This campaign incentivizes what is already Marshallese culture, acting as caregivers. If you identify as a greater Sacramento area Marshallese Community member and have gotten your COVID-19 vaccination since September 4th as a result of this campaign, if you obtain your booster as a result of this campaign, or if you help someone overcome a barrier to accessing vaccinations, including: transportation, translation, or access to IT. Visit our Nito’s Wings booth at one of the next Sacramento RiMajol events and get your $20 incentive gift card.

Resource list for local vaccination information

  • Sacramento County Vaccination Locations
  •  Current COVID-19 Vaccination eligibility criteria, vaccination locations, and link for appointments.
  • Current CDC age recommendations for COVID-19 Vaccinations
  • Pfizer Vaccine Minor Consent Guidance. California
  • California Department of Health Booster Recommendation
    • Link to Booster Recommendations
    • The California Department of Health Booster Recommendations includes “social inequity” as a qualifier in recommending a booster shot for +18. Please reference the CDC article below regarding COVID-19 disparities experienced by Marshallese if you identify with this qualification and are questioned when requesting your booster
  • CDC article on COVID-19 Disparities Among Marshallese Pacific Islanders.
    • Dr Sheldon Riklon is co-author
  • Link to University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Video’s with Dr Riklon addressing COVID-19 Vaccination. Marshallese translated materials available