“These beautiful eyes looked into mine for the first time on February 5, 2016. This picture haunts my soul, as it is almost the exact way she was looking at me that night in the hospital as she was begging for help in Marshallese. As an ICU, ER and flight nurse, I have witnessed many people battling to survive, but at just three years old, Nito remains one of the strongest fighters I have ever witnessed.” ~ Deborah Yoder, founder/CEO Nito’s Wings

Named in memory of Ceihera Toni Miyoko “Nito” deBrum Kedi, our organization aims to support Marshallese through collaboration with our sister organization in the Marshall Islands, Nito’s Butterfly Foundation (our sister organization in the Marshall Islands), and other local resources to identify priority projects and find innovative ways to improve Marshallese health and welfare.

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