Advocating for a patient-centered, sustainable infrastructure of medical care that is culturally sensitive and geographically cognizant, and enhances utilization of local medical resources, while forging collaborations to assist Marshallese in obtaining definitive care.


An organization dedicated to finding innovative ways to promote improved health and welfare for Marshallese within their communities.

Strategic Plan

Nito’s Wings will collaborate with local community leaders, local medical providers, the Marshall Islands Ministry of Health and Human Services,  as well as Nito’s Butterfly Foundation (our sister organization in the Marshall Islands started by Nito’s family) to identify priority projects. Current emphasis includes pediatric and neonatal populations, critical care, EMS, the outer island medical dispensary system, COVID-19 relief, and medivac.

Contact Us

PO Box 455
Redwood Valley, CA 95470

T: 530-599-1876

E: [email protected]